The school of the shepherds is a formative project that proposes a new model of peasantry. This is producing and will produce major changes in the rural development of our country. Through the incorporation of new generations, molts cops alienes a una tradició familiar, It is shown that the primary sector, by itself, sector is economically viable. With a commitment to a small-scale family-based production and/or cooperative; sustainable with the environment and with the sector.

Latest news from the school of the shepherds

What we do from the school of the shepherds


We in theoretical and practical level students to bring agro-livestock farms


We offer advice to students and ex-students to mount their own project

Young Sensibilitació

Fem activitats de sensibilització de joves per optar per la pagesia i la ramaderia


We have a job related to the sector


We work with the theme of agrarian estates Bank Free Land


We sell some products to meet the shepherds and our philosophy

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