The School, in the beginning, take the model of the glue of the shepherds of Asturias (Picos d’Europa) i de les escoles oficials del País Basc, Artzai Eskola i l’School of the shepherds of Iparralde. During the development of the last editions have ge was already affecting a new model of school that has been complementing the offerings of the country adapted to the needs of its participants.

Tipus de bestiar que tracta: L’escola està dirigida a tot el sector ramader. Per tant és una escola que vol formar persones pageses i pastores vinculades a tot tipus de bestiar: ovelles, cabres, vaques de carn i de llet, horse meat, etc.

Duració del curs: Students will receive a theoretical-practical tip that will last for 6 mesos. Un mes de formació teòrica intensiva; a month of theory in the form of specialisation seminars a week, and four months of practice in Active properties.

Calendari: The intensive theoretical training will be held in March (del 18 March 13 d’abril de 2019). The training seminars will take place in the month of may, June, July and September.

Price of course registration 2019: 1.500 euros