• School Rules: be found aquí.
  • Deadline to fill in the sun·licitud: del 29 d’octubre al 25 November 2018.
  • Form alone·licitud: find the aquí.
  • personal Interviews: will take place 13 i 14 of December 2018.
  • Notification of the results of the selection process: before the 31 of December 2018.

Access to “The Bases of the ’ School” to understand more about what we offer and what we look for

The school welcomes all those who wish to learn the craft of farmer / a pastor / with a decision to carry it out. We are looking for people they consider vocational farmers beyond a trade and linking to their way of life.

The school performs Double selection process which aims to choose the people who carried out training. The first step in the selection process consists of filling a formulari de sol·licitud where you expose your motivation to go to school and be a shepherd. If your sun·application passes this first phase, enter the second stage and you call a personal interview. Once this second test, We will contact you to inform you whether or not you enter the course.

El application form you have to fill with your data and interests available on the basis of the last week of October of each year. Once you have received all·Applications will be selected taking into account the above criteria and will proceed to schedule the interview.

El formulari de sol·licitud s’omplirà via web. It is very important to fill it and thoroughly explained in the space that provides all the information necessary for the jury to make a clear idea of ​​the idea of ​​the candidates.

The Evaluation Commission of the interviews will be made up of pa gesos participants in the school, the technical team of the School of Agricultural Pallars, membres de les delegacions, Network Support and technical team from the School of Pastors of Catalonia.