How to become a partner

The partners are a very important part of the ’ School of the shepherds. Becoming a Member means you pay a quota anual de 20 euros (minimum), Although if you want to, You can also provide a higher amount! Aquests 20 euros per year are equivalent to only 1.6 euros al mes. Although this amount may seem very small and to most people quite affordable, for us it is very important to have these permanent economic contributions.

Another option will help us financially by making a input only (one time) and another amount. Any amount, for modest to be, help us to build a solid economic base and perennial essential for proper functioning of the school.

And for all those who decide to make this step and help us financially through the membership annual fee, We offer an experience in the ’ year in one of the farms that participate in training!! It will be a good time to find us all and get to know more about the agricultural model that promotes the ’ School.

Since you have decided?? Perfect!! Here you have the FORM-PARTNERS to become a partner!!