If you have time and feel like ’ bring your skills to the ’ School of the shepherds, We have four assignments reserved for you! These tasks are: make the monitoring of the practices of students, propose new country houses We host students on work experience, make informative talks i/o perform tasks to support farm for former students who are ’ are installed·Lant.

Without the volunteers, These tasks would not be possible, and Yes, the ’ School may continue running but the training would be of lesser quality, the students would not be so well taken care of, There would be no sufficient farms, almost anyone would be aware of what we do and the importance of this training for the development of the territory, and the ex-students could not count on the valuable support of the support to farm when you install ’·Len.

Do you dare to become a volunteer? You can choose a, two, three or four missions, what you go better and you do most·illusion. At the beginning of each year (and if the budget allows it), do a training day for all the volunteer, where we will explain in detail how to perform each task.

Vinga, ’ t hope!! You only need to fill in this FORM-VOLUNTARY i, in a blink of an eye, We will get in touch with you!

Monitoring of
the practices

The monitoring of students in internships will be individually. As a volunteer, ’ you will be assigned a student in practices that we will try to be as close as possible to their ’ where you live. During the period of internship (4 mesos, of ’ April to July or September to December), you will need to track your student through a visit a month on the farm, where to speak individually with the ’ student and farmer to the ’ hosting. The ’ goal is to make an assessment of how ’ are developing practices and note down and keep everything running and that doesn't work so well. After, just need to inform us on how everything is going.

Find new

Your task will be to propose new estates in the ’ school and/or make visits to these farms and assess if you have the right conditions to accommodate students on work experience. The first visit will you do with someone who ’ already have done it before and you will have a ’ file to fill in where you should describe the property and assess some aspects such as the ’ State of the·lacions, the type of property that is offered to the student ’ ’, the management, etc.


En aquest cas, It is ’ to organize lectures on the pastoralist School ’. The ideal is that these are made during the month of November. Thus students who want to enroll in the training can attend to learn first-hand and to resolve doubts about the operation of the school. As a volunteer, We can help you find a space and a day to make them, make the spread and do the you same. And if that made talks do not ’ just go ’, You can also make all the rest and it will be someone from the ’ school to make it. We would like to be able to cover large areas of the whole territory, and to do this, It is essential to your help!!!

Tasks in support of farm

Many times the former students need a helping hand when ’ are installed·Lant. From clearing an old corral to make works to install·install an electric closed, through the reorganization of ’ a milking room or the construction of a new ’ covered. The tasks can be very varied and depend on the needs of each moment. From the ’ School we will make occasional calls when some ex-students need a helping hand to perform jobs that, all alone, the take a lot of time.