To be able to get around, from the year 2010, comptem amb la col·cooperation of various entities spread over the territory which help us to make the school is better. Thanks to this we can provide better service by making a more accurate placement monitoring, look for new properties to accommodate students and informative talks on the project. This, alhora, allows us to reduce costs and emissions.

We have the support and the great help of the Consorci del Lluçanès, the Agricultural School of Amposta, the consortium of the Llaberia mountain range i Ripollès Development Agency.

In the same way there is support network made up of, en bona part, Alumni and, també, people who value the impact and transformation that makes the school. These volunteers perform the same tasks that the delegations. If you agree with us that the peasantry is a main theme to support, do not hesitate and forms part of our network. You will find more information aquí.