The Association Rurbans Manager of the pastoralist School

L’associació rurbans is an entity of boosting rural mountain view that has its base in Ri alp, Pallars Sobirà. Works in all the Catalan rural territory.

L’Escola de Pastors de Catalunya* was born in 2009 with the aim of ensuring the relay generates community by incorporating people's activity, the sustainable management of the estates and the view boosting the sector making it economically viable.

The generational exists and is performed by people with a vocation, il·enthusiasm and ability to work. The school expanded its mission to intervene in the discussion of the incorporation of this new agriculture sector and activating measures that provide solutions: specific training, accés a la terra, individualized advice for family-scale projects and/or co-operative, etc.



The Association is a consultant of the Department of agriculture. This has an independent advice service of the year 2013 for those students who will have gone through the school of shepherds and has started or are about to start on the activity. The aim is to accompany them during the initial stages of creating your project in order to commit less errors possible.

With all of this, the project aims to dignify the profession and provide tools for its organised by ING and cooperation.

The school of the shepherds of Catalonia comp ta from the beginning with the support of the Department Devot kerning Agriculture, Ramaderia, Pesca, W out and Natural Environment, the Agricultural School of Pallars in the execution of the theoretical training blog.

Our team

Vanesa Freixa. Fine Arts. Head of the school of Pastors from 2009 up to 2016. Coordinator of the project.

Laia Battle. Biologist. Technique of the Pastors from 2016. Responsible for the theoretical training and coordination of the students.

María Díaz. Biologist. Technique of the Pastors from 2016. In charge of boosting the network of volunteers and technical support in the external projects linked to the silvopastura.

Imma Rubio. Person responsible for the stay of the students in the school and confirmation of Pastors from 2009. At the same time stimulating the Association is a voluntary network of volunteers and partners.

Montse Barado. Agronomic. The technical school of Pastors from 2009 up to 2015. Responsible for the theoretical training and coordination of the students during the internship.

Cèlia Clotes. Geographer. Technique of the Pastors from 2009 up to 2012. Responsible for the fields of work, land stewardship and volunteer network.