Encouraging another model of peasantry

Through the school you want to consolidate a new agricultural model that is producing some very important changes in the rural development of us tre country. Through the incorporation of new gene portions, molts cops alienes a una tradició familiar, the aim is to demonstrate that, the peasantry, for her ma teixa, is a viable sector altered cheap meal.

The farmers carried out, family or·collectively, a professional activity profitable and viable. Produced in environmentally friendly, in an estate of human size, a healthy diet and quality, without compromising natural resources of tomorrow, fulfilling the food sovereignty. A peasantry that, distributed throughout the territory, participate with your neighbors / in the development of a rural lives appreciated by all[1].

[1] Ideas Conféderation Paysanne (the Union of the peasantry in France)

Agroecologia*: Agroecology as a concept encompasses not only a certain type of production but an action of global transformation linked Excell palment with the work of the Earth and its direct relations with society, the economy and the environment.

A peasant who produces in green,
in an estate of human size,
a healthy diet and quality,
fulfilling the food sovereignty