From the school of the shepherds we participate in several projects or partners to develop content and actions, or carrying out services by applying our expertise. These are some of the projects in which we participate actively:



The School of Shepherds is one of four partners in the project Pyrpastum, the qual form part of the program POCTEFA 2014-2020 (INTERREG V-A Spain-France-Andorra).

The Pyrpastum is a cooperation project between Ariège and Catalonia which aims to boost space Pyrenean pastoral and employment in the primary sector through strengthening training programs and the development of tools to facilitate integration in this sector.

PirosLife. Parc Natural de l'alt Pirineu.

This collaborative program·works with the Pastors supporting the training of the students of the school of the shepherds, in the format “Mountain Shepherd”. Our students are supported to the shepherds that during the summer the cattle take care of other pastors in the communal pastures in order to keep the herd and prevent bear attacks.

Project Europe The Erasmus programme + "Access to land for agroecological farmers

From the year 2015 We participate as partners as part of a partnership of more than 8 entities with countries across Europe. Work with contents and performances of new entrants/incubators and small farmers. This project will be in force until the year 2018.

Life Montserrat. Prevention de great incencis foresters a la muntanya Montserrat with the introduction de herds.

We have the selection of the shepherds, herds and its accompaniment. As well as specific advice in the general project.