To access the ’ pastoralist School of Catalonia, it is necessary that you pass by Double selection process. You must fill in ’ This application form·licitud. If the Evaluation Commission believes that you are suitable in this first phase, calling you to do a personal interview between el 13 i 14 of December 2018 a Rialp (Pallars Sobirà). If you go this second phase, congratulations! Already in school. before 31 of December 2018, We will contact all those who have made the sun·application to enter the school and let you know the results of the selection process.

This Sun·application is the first filter to be able to access it. Therefore we advise you to We sample on tell us the maximum well because of your interest in access. Usually we receive more than 50 sol·licituds, and only one edge 40% of the Sun·Applicants entering school. Per tant, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU READ WELL THE BASES BEFORE FILLING THE FORM, to know what we offer and what we want.

In the form we make a series of questions to what livestock sector you want to spend (goat milk, Sheep meat, etc.). It is very important to answer these sections depending on your future project, because we already begin to organize farm practices based on this information.

We recommend answer all the questions on the form including those which are not obligatory, as this will allow the evaluation team to have a clearer idea of ​​your motivation and interest.