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L’Escola de Pastors, a dia d’avui, ja és un projecte de moltes persones. Són molts alumnes, pagesos/es, entitats i simpatitzants que any rere any han fet que aquest projecte sigui més gran. It is for this reason that we want to mobilize all that energy doing to grow the network of support that participates, from the 2014, in various tasks essential for the good development of the school.

1. Necessitem que ens ajudeu a fer el seguiment de les pràctiques dels alumnes i a trobar nous pagesos/es col·laboradors.

2. Necessitem fer més difusió de l’escola, i ens calen persones que ho expliquin arreu del territori.

3. We need volunteers who help former students that ’ are installed·appealing with the tasks to farm.

4. Necessitem have members with permanent economic contributions and sponsors.

Sabem que t’estimes aquest projecte, que te’n sens part, i ara és l’hora de que passem a l’acció. Hi pots col•laborar de vàries formes, sent sòcia, fent-te voluntària i/o patrocinadora. If you want to join just need to click the form of collaboration that you want.

Tots som l’Escola de Pastors de Catalunya!


Amb una quota anual de 20 euros (minimum), so it is equivalent to only 1.6 euros al mes. You can also make a input only (one time) another amount. And you can enjoy an experience in one of the farms that participate in training!!


Do you have time and desire to make the monitoring of the practices of students, propose new country houses We host students in internship and/or make informative talks? Then click here to find out what is each of these missions!!


Make the your company become sponsor of the pastoralist School!!Even the more modest help us to build a solid economic base and perennial essential for proper functioning of the school.

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  1. cristina 02.07.2015 at 15:18

    bona tarda! !regalo gos d’atura per fer de pastor, té 12 mesos i crec que seria un bon gos per un pastor! gracies!

  2. Joan Ivern Costa 30.05.2017 at 14:26

    good day my name is Joan Ivern Costa and i would be interested to know if volunteering with the option of an experience in the House, If you do not work there, somehow he kept offering him but a work in the field? I would be interested to inform me. mersi

    • Escola de Pastors 13.07.2017 at 09:13

      Hi John!! I assume that you mean the jobs in estate that can make the volunteers to lend a helping hand to the former students to be installed installed, no? The idea is that volunteers are one or two days at the farm in question, Depending on the job you have to do, and that the farmer that we host is responsible for the maintenance and accommodation. If you are interested to participate and give a helping hand to our pastors, you need to sign up as a volunteer through the web. It is solved your doubts??
      Fins aviat!!!

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